A group of Sixth Form students recently took a trip to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art to explore a variety of art to assist with developing their own work. Here is what a couple of students had to say:

We went to the baltic to get ideas for our making a mark coursework, finding and discovering new artists in the library allowed us to get thinking of how we can relate our themes to them. We also collected a range of photographs to develop our ideas. I really enjoyed taking photos of marks, the Baltic was a great place to visit to get inspiration for our different projects and I had a really nice time.


The reason we went on the trip to the Baltic (In Newcastle) is to explore a variety of art to capture key parts that will assist with developing our own work. The best bit of the trip for me was overall going around and taking pictures around the quay side because it was just interesting to see all the different lines, forms and etc of different things. But yeah overall it was a really good day and i really enjoyed myself.