A King Edward’s student is an Accomplished Student

Our overriding aim is to foster academic and personal development in a caring and challenging environment so that each individual can achieve their potential and become an accomplished student. The underlying principle for all of us in this school is that;

“ Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration at all times”.

We believe the key attributes of an accomplished student are:

Respectful                                 Responsible                                           Caring

Curious                                      Motivated                                                Resilient


Our purpose is to show each individual that they matter and will be valued for their contribution to the world in which they live. We provide learning and enriching experiences to inspire, motivate, stretch and meet the needs of all learners. We encourage a lifelong love of learning to enable all to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become confident communicators, resilient and responsible citizens, willing to accept responsibility and demonstrate qualities of leadership.

We want our young people to:

  • contribute positively and creatively now and in the future
  • aspire to be the best they can be, and to achieve success and independence in their learning
  • develop the skills, including team-work, enterprise and handling risk, to be successful for life beyond school
  • make informed decisions about their future, for a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • understand, appreciate and respect each other and the diverse world in which we live

We aim to provide:

  • the highest quality teaching, learning and assessment
  • a broad, balanced, stimulating and creative curriculum
  • personal support and guidance for all students – especially as they make choices about their future
  • a wide choice of enrichment activities to extend development, challenge, enjoyment and international awareness beyond the curriculum
  • a continuously improving, flexible and enabling learning environment