KEVI Counselling

Where to find the counselling service?

The Counselling Service runs Monday to Thursday. Our school counsellors are based  opposite Drama Studio 2 in the Counselling Room and Sensory Room.

How to contact the service

You can:

  •  Drop into the counselling room outside of lessons
  •  Call into student support
  •  Tell your head of year
  •  Tell your form tutor
  •  Email us
  •  Pop a note under our door
Telephone: 01670 515 415


We have an email address for students to use if they need support with bullying or other issues: [email protected]

Other sources of support:

In-school support for students:

External support:

Whilst we are confident that we can always help our students and their families in school, we have compiled the directories below, which are designed to signpost additional support for staff, students and their families.