Year 12 student Dylan successfully applied and gained a place on the AQA Student Advisory Group. It was a competitive process and we are thrilled Dylan has been successful. An active member of the school community, Dylan will represent the views of young people on a much larger scale.
On January 24, Dylan attended the reception event for the AQA Student Advisory Group (SAG) held on the parliamentary estate. This is the group’s fifth year of operation, and the primary aim is to communicate directly with the exam board in tri-annual meetings, giving advice and feedback on their current operations and future plans.
During the reception event, Dylan was fortunate enough to hear from a range of speakers from across AQA, including the CEO Colin Hughes and Co-Chair of the SAG Elizabeth Kitcatt.
Dylan said “this experience has reinforced the importance of well-designed assessment to me and brought into focus the amount of work required to facilitate the incoming digitalisation of exams. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what the group accomplishes in our first meeting next month.”
More context for the event, can be found in this article.