Students who are part of the KEVI Environment Council are delighted to launch an environmental pilot with Northumberland County Council. KEVI has been selected to be the first high school in Northumberland to run this Food Waste Trial.

The aim of the trial is to reduce food waste. This can be achieved through putting food waste in a separate bin so that it can be used for bioenergy or bio fertiliser. The bins are located in dining areas and will be collected once a week by NCC. The initiative will involve the whole school as everyone is asked to help reduce our waste in school.

The benefits of recycling food waste are:

  • It‚Äôs taken to aspecial processing plant where it is used to generate

  • ¬†renewable energy and produces a fertiliser to grow crops

  • The amount of food waste in school will reduce significantly¬†

  • The school‚Äôs general waste will be cleaner, less full, smell less and cost less¬†

  • It will increase our recycling rates and help our school meet our environmental targets

We are very proud of the proactive approach of our students in the Eco Council to get this initiative up and running.