A group of dedicated students from Year 11, 12 and 13 who are part of our Environment Council delivered their first Youth voice Climate conference, working alongside Northumberland County Council.

The group have been working, for a number of months, with Hazel Scurr from the NCC Climate Team to deliver an informative and inspiring event that celebrates the great strides made by individuals and at a regional level. More than that, the conference was a message of hope; to inspire action and elicit change.

Sheila Clark, who runs our School Council and Environment Council could not be more proud of the dedicated group; they deserve a huge amount of praise. The presentations delivered were excellent, the contributions thoughtful and the behaviour, kindness and helpfulness towards other students in the conference was impeccable. King Edward’s students stood out from the crowd and blew everyone away with professional attitudes; fantastic ambassadors for not only the school but the future of our planet!

We must also pay tribute to Hazel, from NCC,  for the great opportunity she gave our students. This is something they will never forget!