We are really keen to grow our network of alumni and in order to reach as many as possible we are working with Future First to build our alumni community.

Future First is a charity that coordinates communication between us and former students in an accessible way.

Amongst our former students is a whole host of talented role models who we want to connect with in order to celebrate their success and inspire our current students. From doctors to dancers, pilots to plumbers, we need alumni from a range of careers, employment and entrepreneurial backgrounds to open our students’ eyes to what’s possible.

If you’re a former student can you please sign up using the link below. Similarly, if you are still in touch with any alumni, or you can contact them via your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, can you please share these sign up details so we can recruit as many former students as possible?


Once signed up you will receive an email outlining the various ways you can support us. These may include:

  1. Providing information for an inspiring poster outlining your career path
  2. Supporting KEVI Inspires
  3. Speaking to students in person or virtually
  4. Providing a student with work experience
  5. Hosting a site visit